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Witch Hunter's Bundle

This Darkmoor styled bundle is at Gamestop for $39.00 USD!

Darkmoor Manor

Own your own haunted manor with many secrets and mysteries to find!

It has a tower where you can climb up then use a rope to get down. There's plenty of room in the multiple rooms you will find. There's also a great big organ sitting there for your pleasure. This house of course comes with a PvP ring. But it also comes with its own river filled with fish. And a tomb where you can earn your own rewards every day. There's also two secret passageways. Will you find it?!

Daily Reward - Lord Pawtrey's Sarcophagus

An interactable Sarcophagus that gives you gear with no stats, but style!

Interactable Statues

This house is so big that yes you will need to use teleports that is already built into the houses. Just find one of those statues and there you go to another part of the property.

New Fish

You can find two brand new fishes in this lovely house.

Rank: 2

School: Death

First Catch XP: 1400

Regular XP: 14

Rank: 2

School: Death

First Catch XP: 1100

Regular XP: 11

Vampire Squirrel Pet

This dastardly squirrel has more bite than you think!
Oil Slick
Dead End
Spirit Blade
Ultra Mute
Element Blade
Critical Hitter
Armor Piercer

If you have any information to fill out this pet's talent and derby pool, please let us know. We will credit you.

Thanks Tabitha Death, Korgre and Jared Shadowbreaker for contributing.

Midnight Rider

This sweet ride gives you +50% Speed instead of the normal 40%! You can also fish for this mount!

Witch Hunter's Set - Gear

Witch Hunter's Arbalest - Wand